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  Location Naval Base, Virginia
  Posted April 22, 2021
  Closes April 30, 2021
  Function Administrative
  Industry Government and Public Services, Federal
  Career level veteran (non-manager)
  Hours full time
The NDU teaches the creative use and critical thinking of military thinking in national thinking and in global coordinated operations in the context of changes that disrupt joint operations.
  In support of the National Defense University Mission, the NDU Library Mission aims to advance educational learning by collecting, organizing, making accessible, and preserving recorded human creativity information.  ۔  "
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  Manages all types of book and non-book content selection, acquisition / acquisition, categorization, authority and serial control, processing, digitization, binding, storage, and retention.
  Performs original and copy catalogs for content in all formats.
  Completes complex and complex automated library system database functions such as code comparison, deletion activities, and record updates.
  The Archives, the Library Special Collection Room, the Library's Historical Documents Room, and the Library's Federal Library Depository Program perform essential functions.
  Performs all necessary functions to manage all aspects of technology on site.
Travel is a must
  Occasional Travel Occ Occasional travel between 20 and 30% is required for this position
  Supervisory status
  Possible promotion
  Terms of employment
  US citizenship or nationality
  Suitable for federal employment
  Registered for Selective Service
  This national security position, which requires access to classified information, requires appropriate review and security approvals tailored to the state of the job.  Failure to maintain security eligibility may result in termination.
  Basic requirement:
  Completion of 1 full academic year of graduate study in Library Science at an approved college or university, in addition to completion of all work required for a bachelor's degree;  Or
  At least 5 years of combination of college level education, training, and experience.  To be eligible on this basis, the applicant must conclude that education, training, and experience provided knowledge and understanding of the professional librarianship's ideas, principles, and techniques.  Knowledge of Literary Resources;  And the knowledge and skills necessary to provide effective libraries and information services
Special experience:
  In addition to meeting the basic requirement, eligible applicants must also have at least one year of GS-07 or equivalent experience.  Special experience is defined as: 1) listing the experience;  2) Experience in material selection, processing, reviewing and non-selection.  3) Experience working in the areas of Library Archives, Special Collections, Historical Documents, and Federal Depository Library Program.
  Examples of special experiences include: Using a library automated system, it has completed code comparison and deletion activities, record updates, content listing and other related functions.  In archives, special collections, historical documents, or other unique parts of the library, content review, material processing, material listing, material repair and / or preservation, material shelfing, completing inventories, ready path finders  Or other promotional material has been completed to enhance.  Access and use.  In a library, the Federal Depository completes the library program selection / processing / non-selection and reporting activities.  In a library, it helps patrons and colleagues fix network, database, computer and A / V errors.  In a library, the library staff is assisted in training on all technology based activities.
Volunteer Experience: Experience leads to paid and unpaid experience, including through national service programs (e.g., Peace Corps, Amiri Corps) and other organizations (such as professional; philanthropic; religious; spiritual; communication.


  GS-09 Special Experience for L-Education Education Alternative: Graduate degree in Library Science or equivalent, such as LL.B. Gradually advanced to 2 full years or JD, related to the position.

  Additional information

  Benefits: Our complete benefits package is a comprehensive one found in the public or private sector.  These extraordinary benefits include health, salary, work / life balance, growth and education.
  Elections: Elections are subject to restrictions as a result of the defense program to stabilize civilian employment.
  Initial Trial Period: A two-year trial period may be required.
  Telecom: Telecom availability will be based on mission requirements and overseeing commitment.
  Additional Choices: We may use this announcement to fill additional vacancies within 90 days of the closing date.
  Electoral Service: Men born after 12-31-59 must be registered or exempt from Selective Service (see
  Internship Career Transition Assistance Program (ICTAP) Priority Consideration: If you are a Federal Civil Service Homeless Employee and have a rating of at least 90, you will receive a Special Priority Choice under ICTAP.  May be able to  For more information about ICTAP, click here for the ICTAP Guide.  Note: If you have never worked for the federal government, you are not eligible for ICTAP.
  Retired Civil Service Employees: The employment of retired federal employees who receive annual payments is subject to the requirements of the Department of Defense (DOD) Policy Guidance.  (See DOD Instruction 1400.25, Volume 300,
  Salary Arrangement: The salary for the first time hired by the Federal Government will usually be fixed at the Step 1 Salary Limit for their respective rank level.
How will you be diagnosed?

  Based on this work, you will be tested to the extent that you meet the above qualifications.

  Important Note - You must follow all application instructions carefully.  Errors or omissions can affect your rankings.
  Your application will be evaluated and rated according to the category rating and selection procedure.  We will review your resume and supporting documents and compare this information with your answers to the professional questionnaire to determine if you meet the minimum qualifications for the job.  Are  Please follow all instructions carefully.  Errors or omissions can affect your rankings.  Eligible candidates will then be considered for selection under 3 categories as mentioned below:
  Qualified Category: Meets minimum qualifications and demonstrates minimal experience and / or training based on professional question mark answers.
  Highly Qualified Category: Meets minimum qualification requirements and demonstrates full performance level experience based on professional questionnaire answers.
  Best Qualified Category: Meets minimum qualification requirements and demonstrates experience as an expert in the field or recognized as a senior specialist, team excellence, etc.  The Evaluation Questionnaire takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and gather information about your education, training, and experience.  For the following key qualifications:
  Information management
  Manages and organizes information
  Organizational awareness
  Problem solving
  Technical ability
You can preview the Assessment Questionnaire here:

Background checks and security clearances

  Security license

  Drug tests are needed

  Required Documents
  You must provide a complete application package which includes:
  1. Resume: You are encouraged to choose only one way to submit your resume.  (HR will review this test list that is the latest received historical seal on the system's history seals and cannot be re-experienced, which best reflects your qualifications for the job and  This can result in disqualification.) Your USAJOBS account.  To help you build your resume, take a look at the tools in the DFAS resume.
  2. Complete Evaluation Questionnaire
  3. Other supporting documents.
  Military.  Military Spouse Preference: Special permanent change of station (PCS) orders or travel orders, marriage certificate / license and self-certification form to claim military spouse preference.
  Only the following supporting documents are required if applicable to your personal qualifications or status.  If you apply for a request with an extension date of the announcement, they must receive it at the last date of the announcement or at the time of application.
Certificate and / or Certification: All applicants must present proof of education in order to include existing agency employees if education is required to meet basic qualification requirements in the job announcement, or experience  Substitute education to meet special needs.  Many applicants must also submit documents to prove that they meet basic education requirements.  For additional information on acceptable documents, click Copy and Certification here.  All applicants must also document your education and / or certification in their resume in order to include existing applicants / contractors.  To be credible, you must study at an accredited college or university recognized by the US Department of Education.
  2. Cover Letter: You can send a cover letter which will be sent to the selecting official along with your resume.  Your cover letter will not be used to verify your eligibility or prioritize eligibility.

It is important to specify the quality of work in relation to the answers to the professional self-assessment questionnaire in your resume as they develop your numerical rankings.

Veteran Preference: If you are claiming veteran preference, you should provide appropriate documentation.  Failure to do so will result in loss of veteran preference and may result in your placement on the certificate.  For more information on veterans, click here.
  You must provide a copy of your DD Form 214, "Certificate of Issue or Discharge of Active Duty", showing the dates of the active duty service, the nature of the discharge and the role of the service.  Alternatively, if you are a current military member in the current duty service and you do not have a copy of DD Form-214, you must submit written documents (certification) from your branch service confirming this.  That you are expected to leave or leave.  Active Duty under respectable conditions only 120 days after the date of submission of certificate along with your application for this post.  The certification should also consider your status, dates of active duty service, and discharge status.
  If you are a 10-point priority claimant and / or have 30 or more disability veterans, you will need to submit both DD Form 214 or the expected discharge documents as described above and the Department of Ex-Military Affairs (VA)  ) A copy of the letter or your branch of service confirms the presence of a disability associated with the service and indicates the percentage of disability.
  If you are claiming eligibility based on the preference of a 10-point derived veteran (such as a spouse, widow / widow, or parent of a veteran who is unable to use it when the veteran is unable to use it)  So, you must also submit the standard Form 15 (SF-15) "Application for Preference of 10-Point Experienced Persons" and the essential documents required to prove the claimed priority on SF-15.
  Click here to review experienced officers and required documents that confirm the eligibility of VEOA, VRA and / or 30 or more disabled veterans.
I. ICTAP Eligible: A copy of RIF Separation Notice and SF-50 if available.

  Warning: Failure to submit a complete application package that includes any required documents, including any required documents, by 04/29/2021 at 11:59 AM (EST), or at the time of applying for announcements with extension date,  Ineligible classification and loss may result in careful logging in to your USA JBS account to verify the completion of your application, selecting application status and more information.  The details page will show the status of your application.  Applicants have a responsibility to verify that the information entered, uploaded, or faxed is received, valid, and accurate.  HR will not modify the answers submitted by the applicant.

  If you are relying on your education to meet your eligibility requirements:

  Education must be recognized by a US Department of Education-accredited body in order to spy on its qualifications.  Therefore, provide only attendance and / or degrees from schools approved by the US Department of Education.

  The vacancy announcement states that failure to provide all required information may result in disqualification or affect the overall ranking